Thank you for the quick response and verification of order.  My wife and I went to Belize for our honeymoon and found it in a few of San Pedro’s gift shops.  My wife loves it as she’s very sensitive to bug bites, it worked wonders on her cold sore, and we both uses it on cuts as well. You have an overall great product that is worth importing. 

Hi William,
I found this product while traveling through Belize (beautiful country).  I had a heat rash all over my chest and he cream I purchased at the drug store wasn’t working.  I tried this oil and it instantly helped.  I bought 2 bottles while in Belize and I regret not buying a case.  I also use it on cold sores and it cuts the time they last in 1/2!  I’m glad I’m able to purchase them online.  I would have flown back to Belize for this product.  

Thank you, 
Lisa Fleck
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Check out these photos. This is a local girl that decided to open a pressure cooker while cooking some beans. This is only one of many burns that we have treated with great results, but it is the first to be photographed. The burns are 2nd degree and the only medicine used was Itch-A-Way other than two injections in the beginning given by a local health practitioner, midwife. The leaf you see in one of the photos is a tobacco leaf and is put there so the girl will not suffer more if seen by a woman who is pregnant (Mayan Culture). As you can see by the dates, 9-19-08 to 10-5-08, this change took place over a 16 day period. As Itch-A-Way is applied, pain is reduced to very tolerable levels in just minutes and no pain within a very short period there after. I believe some day burn centers will submerse critical burn patience in a tub of Itch-A-Way (much more humane than a tub of ice).

As you can see in the photos Itch-A-Way is pretty remarkable when it comes to kitchen burns. It works for many kinds of burns and is especially good for sun burn and as a sun block. Weather on the beach in the Caribbean or on the slopes of a ski resort Itch-A-Way blocks the suns harmful radiation or if you don’t use a block and get burned it will take away the pain and heal the skin and almost always prevent pealing. Itch-A-Way works for so many things, there should be a bottle or two in every home, boy would that make me happy, don’t stay or leave home without it. It is a totally safe organic herbal medicine and it is inexpensive too.

These are actual dates and photos that I took myself. The dates and the photos are as I took them nothing has been touched up or changed in any way. William Conde BelizeHemp.com.

Itch-A-Way is a miraculous product of nature, using Pure, Fresh Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin, Certified Organic, Hemp Seed Oil. We have been testing Itch-A-Way deep in the rainforest of Belize Central America, and on the beaches and in the waters of the Caribbean Sea for no less than 8 years now.

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In the beginning we had no idea of the many uses we would find for this incredible product. It is one of those serendipitous happenings. The environment of Belize’s rainforest, where not only do mosquitoes bite, but the flies, ants and just about everything that has a mouth, will teach you, that you, also, are part of the food chain. Poisonous plant infections, that make poison ivy and poison oak look like child’s play, fungi that thrive in the rainforest climate and on and under your skin, all of this and more make the rainforest of Belize an excellent proving ground for skin first aid products. The beaches and waters of the Caribbean Sea, with the sun, sand flies, coral and jellyfish, to mention a few skin hazards, are no less of a proving ground for skin first aid products. Itch-A-Way is a natural organic herbal oil that not only relieves the itching and burning caused by all of these things, but it also prevents further toxic reactions and aids in the rapid healing, naturally, organically. It has been proven to be nothing short of miraculous in as much as it really sooths and heals a multitude of skin first aid problems rapidly and effectively with unparalleled safety. It is also a great natural organic herbal sun block and natural organic herbal tanning aid. We don’t know of any five, ten or even more products that could be put together to replace this one simple, inexpensive, safe and effective product of nature.

Yes it is of hemp “The Tree of Life”. It is the oil from the seed. After 8 years plus of putting this oil on every conceivable dread that the rainforest, ocean and beaches can show us, we can say with the greatest of confidence that our product really works, in a way that is truly miraculous.