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 is a miraculous product of nature, using Pure, Organic, Fresh Cold Pressed, Virgin, Canadian Hemp Seed Oil. We have been testing Itch-A-Way deep in the rain forest of Belize Central America, and on the beaches and  waters of the Caribbean Sea since 2002

Itch-A-Way-An Outstanding Reputation Since 2002

An Outstanding Reputation Since 2700 B.C.

 A Product of Many Uses With thousands of years of safety and effectiveness Itch-A-Way

A Class By Itself!! 

Safe & Effective! Natural Organic Herbal Treatment! only $4.95 + $2.97 S&H 

Treat A Multitude Of Ailments For Mere Pennies Each! 

in and around the Mayan rainforest village of Chunox and on the beaches and in the waters of Caye Caulker , San Pedro , Hopkins to mention a few in Belize, Central America.

In the beginning we had no idea of the many uses we would find for this incredible product. It is one of those serendipitous happenings. The environment of Belize’s rain forest, where not only do mosquitoes bite, but the flies, ants and just about everything that has a mouth, will teach you, that you, also, are part of the food chain. Poisonous plant infections, that make poison ivy and poison oak look like child’s play, fungi that thrive in the rain forest climate and on and under your skin, all of this and more make the rain forest of Belize an excellent proving ground for skin first aid products. The beaches and waters of the Caribbean Sea, with the sun, sand flies, coral and jellyfish, to mention a few skin hazards, are no less of a proving ground for skin first aid products. Itch-A-Way is a natural organic herbal oil that not only relieves the itching and burning caused by all of these things, but it also prevents further toxic reactions and aids in the rapid healing, naturally, organically. It has been proven to be nothing short of miraculous in as much as it really soothes and heals a multitude of skin first aid problems rapidly and effectively with unparalleled safety. It is also a great natural organic herbal sun block and natural organic herbal tanning aid. We don’t know of any five, ten or even more products that could be put together to replace this one simple, inexpensive, safe and effective product of nature. 


Itch-A-Way has proven itself over and over.

Hey there, have you noticed that where the blinders have been removed (legalization) the sky did not fall. Cannabis is an unprecedented asset to mankind. It gives so much that it has become an embarrassment of riches to those who have supported prohibition.

Hemp seed oil is a miraculous product of nature. It can be used to heal more conditions, safely, externally and internally, than any other product that we know of, whether a natural bush medicine or some miraculous scientifically created synthetic. 
Itch-A-Way is sold as an externally applied skin first-aid for humans, young and old and your animal friends, too. 
Itch-A-Way, how safe is it? You can drink it and it will heal your insides too. I’m not selling snake oil here, check it out, use the internet, search “hemp seed oil” then pay attention, open your mind to the “Tree of Life”, hemp is nature’s greatest of all plants. 

You Can Feel The Soothing On Contact As The Healing Begins

Itch-A-Way may be used for the following and more.
ACNE -- teen age pimples and more. a natural organic herbal acne medicine/treatment 
ATHLETES FOOT – stop the itching and burning, stop the splitting skin, stop sawing between your toes with your socks, and get rid of stinky feet. a natural organic herbal athlete’s foot medicine/treatment 
BED SORES -- relieves pain and itching for bed ridden folks. a natural organic herbal bed sore medicine/ treatment 
BURNS -- works excellent on minor burns of all kinds even minor chemical burns. an all round natural organic herbal burn first aid medicine/treatment 
CHAPPED LIPS -- soothes and heals cracked dry lips. a natural organic herbal chapped lip medicine/treatment 
COLD SORES -- soothes and heals cold sores. a natural herbal cold sore medicine/treatment 
CUTS, and SCRAPED KNEES -- stops the pain and burning and promotes rapid healing. a natural organic herbal cuts and scraped knees medicine/treatment 
DANDRUFF -- your scalp is skin, mix a little with shampoo or conditioner when washing your hair. a natural organic herbal dandruff medicine/treatment 
FUNGI -- a natural organic herbal anti fungus/anti fungal medicine/treatment 
JELLYFISH STINGS -- it really beats having to have someone pee on you, besides it works better. a natural organic herbal jellyfish sting medicine/treatment 
JOCK ITCH – soothes itching and burning on contact and completely heals jock itch in just a few days. a natural organic herbal jock itch medicine/treatment 
HEMORRHOIDS -- the only hemorrhoid medicine you can put in both ends, a natural organic herbal hemorrhoid medicine/treatment 
INSECT BITES & STINGS -- mosquitoes, sand flies, doctor flies, honey bees, wasps, ants and more. Don’t know what a doctor fly is? Be thankful! a natural organic herbal bug/insect bite medicine/treatment -- a natural organic herbal mosquito bite medicine/treatment -- a natural organic herbal fly bite medicine/treatment -- a natural organic herbal bee/wasp sting medicine/treatment -- a natural organic herbal ant bite medicine/treatment 
MANGE -- for your dog or cat. a natural organic herbal mange medicine/treatment 
MASSAGE – rapidly gaining popularity with top masseuses everywhere. a natural organic herbal massage oil medicine/treatment 
POISONOUS PLANT INFECTIONS -- poison ivy, poison oak, pica pica, poison wood and more. You don’t know pica pica or poison wood? Be glad, they make poison ivy and oak look like child’s play. – a natural organic herbal poison plant infection medicine/treatment, a natural organic herbal poison ivy medicine/treatment, a natural organic herbal poison oak medicine/treatment, a natural organic herbal poison wood medicine/treatment 
RASHES – heat, we know about heat rash here, diaper rash works excellent, no messy, gooey stuff. Just nice clean oil that will leave your baby’s bottom skin smooth and clear. a natural organic herbal heat rash medicine/treatment, a natural organic herbal diaper rash medicine/treatment, a natural organic herbal rash medicine/treatment 
RINGWORM -- one drop will more than cover most ringworms over a five day period the cost to cure is 5 to 10 cents, try to beat that. a natural organic herbal ringworm medicine/treatment 
SCAR TISSUE -- reduces scar tissue when used during the healing process. a natural organic herbal scar tissue medicine/treatment 
SKIN FIRST AID -- most useful on the market. a natural organic herbal skin first aid medicine/treatment 
SUNBURN -- stop the pain and itching and reduce pealing, works like magic. a natural organic herbal sunburn medicine/treatment 
SUNSCREEN -- It is not water soluble so will not come off while swimming but can be removed in the shower with soap and water, or just let it soak into your skin; it is good for your skin. a natural organic herbal sunscreen medicine/treatment 
WRINKLES -- it won’t make you younger but you will look it and feel it. Put it all over you, on all your skin, then get ready for the tighten up, day by day watch your skin change. omega 3, omega 6, omega 9, vitamin E and others make this the best friend your skin ever had. a natural organic herbal wrinkle medicine/treatment 
YEAST INFECTIONS —just put it on the spot, for men and women. For server persistent cases you may have to ingest 1 or 2 table spoons a day in which case we can sell you a larger bottle for internal consumption. . a natural organic herbal yeast infection medicine/treatment 
This is just a list of some of the external uses for Itch-A-Way (Hemp Seed Oil) skin first aid. To further understand some of the almost unlimited uses of hemp “The Tree of Life” go to the top of this page and click on “About Hemp”. We will expand the information continually. 

Itch-A-Way’s high sources of vitamin E and Omega 3, Omega 6, & Omega 9 in a perfect balance, make it an excellent product to be applied to the stretching skin of pregnant women to help prevent stretch marks.
Itch-A-Way can help or correct, naturally, organically, with the greatest of safety, many conditions that have a negative impact on your skin. Let us know how Itch-A-Way has helped you. See “CONTACT US” 

Itch-A-Way is the most useful and safest of all skin first-aid products that we know of, whether bush or synthetic medicine, by prescription or over or under the counter.

TO APPLY: Unlike most other products, not only is Itch-A-Way safe to apply to open wounds and rashes, it is advisable. Use the handy screw cap to apply a drop or more on the spot, or in your hands to be applied to larger areas (like a sunburned back). By the way if you had used Itch-A-Way before you got burned, you wouldn’t be, as it is an excellent natural organic sun block medicine and tanning aid. It is advisable (not essential) to wash and dry an infected area before applying. When covering large areas like back, chest or legs, the oil spreads easier on lightly moistened skin. 

MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS - Some skin problems will need more than one application. In this case continue to apply as often as you like until symptoms completely clear up. Itch-A-Way is healthy for your skin. Use it regularly and watch your skin glow. 

Itch-A-Way can cause mild eye irritation. Itch-A-Way is an oil and can stain clothing, sheets etc. 

DON’T WORRY be happy if
 Itch-A-Way is accidentally ingested, there are no known toxic or allergic reactions, it’s actually good for you. Omega 3, Omega 6, & Omega 9 in a perfect balance and lots of vitamins and other good stuff. 

Itch-A-Way should be in every medicine cabinet, first-aid kit, purse, briefcase, glove box, beach bag and back pack, don’t stay or leave home without it. It is like having 10 or more safe and effective NATURAL ORGANIC SKIN FIRST-AID medicines in one small inexpensive (doesn’t leak or brake) plastic bottle. 

 Itch-A-Way will not get you HIGH it is THC free and LEGAL** PEACE

Do not let
 Itch-A-Way's very, very low price fool you. It is everything we say it is, your Satisfaction Guaranteed. All your money back if not completely happy with our product.Since 2002 tens of thousands of customers out there so far, and not one taker. You see we have a good product and lots of happy customers. 
Itch-A-Way is made using the world’s very best hemp seed oil that comes from Canadian hemp. Truly as clean of a medicine as is possible today. 

There are 30ml in a bottle, that is over700 drops of pure medicine and it can be dispensed one drop at a time or more thru our, bar no expense, twist top. Because it is pure medicine one drop will cover a sizeable area like the back of your hand and a little more. Cure ringworm, apply once or twice a day for 5 days, for 5 to 10 cents total cost, or stop the pain, the itching and reduce pealing on a badly sun burned back from 15 cents per treatment, usually just 1 or 2 treatments. You see our product not only has many, many uses and an unparalleled record for safety, it is also extremely inexpensive. Buy some today. 

$14.85 + 5.94 S&H Total Price $20.79 ---- Average Price $5.20 a bottle DELIVERED

Please remember we are in Belize, Central America allow 1 to 3 weeks for delivery, the wait is worth it. Thank You, I am William Conde creator and owner of Itch-A-Way and, hope you like it.
Itch-A-Way and Ever since my first arrest in 1975, for possession of hemp, my life has been dedicated to changing these unjust laws. Do an internet search on my name, use William and Bill Conde, then you will see. Please be assured that when you purchase a bottle or a case of Itch-A-Way that in some small way you are helping to stop the injustices that have befallen millions of families over the last several decades of this misguided, unholy, civil war on otherwise peaceful law abiding people. Not just the people but the trees and the air, as hemp has the potential to save our forest and stop the pollution of the air we breathe. Decentralize control of the world’s largest natural resources, revitalize hemp and you revitalize the world. 

MISSION STATEMENT: Educate as many as possible, to see right thru the great lie. To discover and rediscover hemp, establish markets, create and recreate products, change the hearts and minds of the people and the laws of the lands, legalize all forms of hemp and begin to establish hemp as the world’s greatest economic engine. Put an end to the so called “War on Drugs”. Freedom is truly the issue here. Spread Peace and Love every time we get the chance. Give Peace a Chance, Stand Up for Your Rights Thank You John Lennon and Bob Marley. Hope you are seeing this. Now we understand hemp is the “Tree of Life” it is, the healing of the nations, it is, known as “The Herb of Peace” not war.

To understand hemp and our seemingly fanatical approach, more fully, go to the top of this page and click on “About Cannabis”. Now, do your part to stop the war, because we never stop, Buy A Bottle Or Case Of
Itch-A-Way Today, (an unusual & useful gift). 

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